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Error Statement

This standard VB statement simulates the occurrence of a Siebel VB or user-defined error.


Error errornumber



An integer between 1 and 32,767 representing an error code


If an errornumber is one that Siebel VB already uses, the Error statement simulates an occurrence of that error.

User-defined error codes should employ values greater than those used for standard Siebel VB error codes. To help make sure that non-Siebel VB error codes are chosen, user-defined codes should work down from 32,767.

CAUTION:  Error codes for the Siebel VB methods described in Siebel Object Interfaces Reference are between 4000 and 4999. Do not use codes in this range for user-defined error codes.

If an Error statement is executed, and there is no error-handling routine enabled, Siebel VB produces an error message and halts program execution. If an Error statement specifies an error code not used by Siebel VB, the message "User-defined error" is displayed.

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