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Mid Statement

Mid replaces part (or all) of one string with another, starting at a specified location.


Mid (stringVar, start[, length]) = string



The string to be changed


An integer representing the position in stringVar at which to begin replacing characters


An integer representing the number of characters to replace


The string to place into stringVar


The value of stringVar with string embedded at the specified location.


If the length argument is omitted, or if there are fewer characters in string than specified in length, then Mid replaces the characters from the start to the end of the string. If start is larger than the number of characters in the indicated stringVar, then Mid appends string to stringVar.

If length is greater than the length of string, then length is set to the length of string. If start is greater than the number of characters in stringVar, an illegal function call error occurs at runtime. If length plus start is greater than the length of stringVar, then only the characters up to the end of stringVar are replaced.

Mid never changes the number of characters in stringVar.

The index of the first character in a string is 1.


This example uses the Mid statement to replace the last name in a user-entered string with asterisks (*).

Sub Button_Click
   Dim username as String
   Dim position as Integer
   Dim count as Integer
   Dim uname as String
   Dim replacement as String
   username = "Chris Smith"
   uname = username
   replacement = "*"
      position = InStr(username," ")
      If position = 0 then
         Exit Do
      End If
      username = Mid(username,position + 1)
      count = count + position
   For x = 1 to Len(username)
      count = count + 1
      Mid(uname,count) = replacement
      Next x
End Sub

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