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LBound Function

This standard VB function returns the lower bound of the subscript range for an array.


LBound(arrayname [, dimension] )



The name of the array to query


The dimension to query


The lower bound (lowest index number) of dimension dimension of arrayname.


The dimensions of an array are numbered starting with 1. If the dimension is not specified, 1 is the default.

LBound can be used with UBound to determine the length of an array.


This example resizes an array if the user enters more data than can fit in the array. It uses LBound and UBound to determine the existing size of the array and ReDim to resize it. Option Base sets the default lower bound of the array to 1.

Option Base 1

Sub Button_Click
   Dim arrayvar() as Integer
   Dim count as Integer
   Dim answer as String
   Dim x, y as Integer
   Dim total
   total = 0
   x = 1
   count = 4
   ReDim arrayvar(count)
   Do until x = count + 1
    arrayvar(x) = 98
    x = x + 1
   x = LBound(arrayvar,1)
   count = UBound(arrayvar,1)
   For y = x to count
       total = total + arrayvar(y)
      Next y
End Sub

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