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Write Statement

This standard VB statement writes data to an open sequential file.


Write [#]filenumber[, expressionList]



The file number used in the Open statement to open the file


One or more values to write to the file


Not applicable


The file must be opened in output or append mode. If expressionList is omitted, the Write statement writes a blank line to the file. For more information, read Input Statement.

NOTE:  The Write statement results in quotes around the string that is written to the file.


This example writes a variable to a disk file based on a comparison of its last saved time and the current time.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim tempfile
   Dim filetime, curtime
   Dim msgtext
   Dim acctno(100) as Single
   Dim x, I
   tempfile = "C:\TEMP001"
   Open tempfile For Output As #1
   filetime = FileDateTime(tempfile)
   x = 1
   I = 1
   acctno(x) = 0
      curtime = Time
      acctno(x) = 88

      If acctno(x) = 99 then
         If x = 1 then Exit Sub
         For I = 1 to x-1
            Write #1, acctno(I)
         Next I
         Exit Do
      ElseIf (Minute(filetime) + 2)< = Minute(curtime) then
         For I = I to x-1
            Write #1, acctno(I)
         Next I
      End If
      x = x + 1
   Close #1
   x = 1
   msgtext = "Contents of C:\TEMP001 is:" & Chr(10)
   Open tempfile for Input as #1
   Do While Eof(1) <> -1
      Input #1, acctno(x)
      msgtext = msgtext & Chr(10) & acctno(x)
      x = x + 1
   Close #1
      Kill "C:\TEMP001"
End Sub

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