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Me Object

Me is standard VB shorthand used to refer to the currently used object.

Syntax A

With Me
   .methodname() statement
End With

Syntax B

Me.methodname() statement



The name of the method to be used with the object


The code to be executed, or the arguments to the method


Not applicable


Some Siebel VB modules are attached to application objects, and Siebel VB subroutines are invoked when such an application object encounters events. For example, Me may refer to a button that triggers a Basic routine when the user clicks on it, or when a method is invoked on an application object by a program statement.

Subroutines in such contexts can use the variable Me to refer to the object that triggered the event (for example, the button that was clicked). The programmer can use Me in the same way as any other object variable, except that Me cannot be Set.


For examples, read Service_InvokeMethod Event and With Statement.

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