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SQLOpen Function

This custom VB function establishes a connection to an ODBC data source.

NOTE:  Siebel VB SQLxxxx functions are supported for non-Unicode databases only.


SQLOpen(connectString, [outputString][, prompt])



A string or string variable supplying the information required to connect to a data source, including the data source name, user ID, and password, and any other information required by the driver to make the connection


A string variable to hold the completed connection string if the connection is successful


An integer specifying when the driver dialog box is displayed

The following table lists the values for prompt. When prompt is omitted, 2 is assumed.

Prompt Value


Driver dialog box is always displayed


Driver dialog box is displayed only when the specification is not sufficient to make the connection


The same as 2, except that dialog boxes that are not required are unavailable and cannot be modified


Driver dialog box is not displayed; if the connection is not successful, an error is returned


A long integer representing a unique connection ID, which can be used with other ODBC functions. The completed connection string is returned in outputString if this argument is used. If the connection cannot be established, then an ODBC error with a negative numeric value is returned. Test this value using the instructions in SQLError Function.


The connectString variable generally takes the following form; however, it must follow the format dictated by the ODBC driver you are using.


As the example that follows shows, some parts of this string may not be required; you must supply whatever information is required by the ODBC driver to make the connection. For details on the connect string used to access a Siebel application, read Siebel Technical Note #206.

CAUTION:  This function, as well as the other SQL functions available in Siebel VB, should not be used to query the underlying database. Use the Siebel Object Interfaces to query Siebel data. Use the SQL functions only to query non-Siebel data.


This example opens the data source named SblTest, gets the names in the ODBC data sources, and closes the connection.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim outputStr As String
   Dim connection As Long
   Dim prompt As Integer
   Dim action As Integer
   Dim qualifier As String
   Dim datasources(1 To 50) As Variant
   Dim retcode As Variant
   prompt = 4
   Set ret = TheApplication.NewPropertySet()

   ' Open the datasource "SblTest" with a user name of sa, _
   password of sa
   connection = _
   action = 1 ' Get the names of the ODBC data sources

   retcode = SQLGetSchema(connection:=connection, _
      action:=1, _

      qualifier:=qualifier, _

   ' Close the data source connection
   retcode = SQLClose(connection)
End Sub

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