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Now Function

This standard VB function returns the current date and time.




Not applicable



The current date and time as indicated by the clock of the server that is executing the code.


The Now function returns a variant of vartype 7 (date) that represents the current date and time according to the setting of the computer's date and time. Use the Format function to specify the format in which the date and time should appear.


This example finds the month (1-12) and day (1-31) values for this Thursday. For another example, read Format Function.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim x As Integer, today As Variant
   Dim msgtext As String
   Today = DateValue(Now)
   Let x = 0
   Do While Weekday(Today + x) <> 5
      x = x + 1
   msgtext = "This Thursday is: " & Month(Today + x) & "/" & _
         Day(Today + x)
End Sub

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