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Siebel VB strings can be either fixed or dynamic. Fixed strings have a length specified when they are defined, and the length cannot be changed. Fixed strings cannot be of 0 length. Dynamic strings have no specified length. Any string can vary in length from 0 to 32,767 characters. There are no restrictions on the characters that can be included in a string. For example, the character whose ANSI value is 0 can be embedded in strings.

NOTE:  You can use characters only from the current character set. Within a character set, any character can be embedded either by cutting and pasting or by using the Chr function. For more information, read Chr Function.

When exchanging data with other applications, be aware of terminating characters. Siebel VB terminates its output text with a carriage return and a line feed (CRLF), and expects the same characters on input (unless specifically noted for some input functions). Some applications generate and expect only carriage returns.

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