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Chr Function

This standard VB function returns the one-character string corresponding to an ANSI code.





An integer between 0 and 255 representing the ANSI code for a character


The character represented by charcode.


The dollar sign ($) in the function name is optional. If it is included, the return type is string; otherwise the function returns a variant of vartype 8 (string).


This example displays the character equivalent for an ASCII code between 65 and 122 typed by the user.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim numb as Integer
   Dim msgtext as String
   Dim out as Integer
   out = 0
   Do Until out
      numb = 75
      If Chr$(numb)> = "A" AND Chr$(numb)< = "Z" _
         OR Chr$(numb)> = "a" AND Chr$(numb)< = "z" then
         msgtext = "The letter for the number " & numb  _
            &" is: " & Chr$(numb)
         out = 1
      ElseIf numb = 0 then
         Exit Sub   
         msgtext = "Does not convert to a character; try again."
      End If
End Sub

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