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Sgn Function

This standard VB function returns a value indicating the sign of a number.





A numeric expression for which the sign is to be determined


If number is less than zero, -1.

If number is equal to zero, 0.

If number is greater than zero, 1.


This example tests the value of the variable profit and displays 0 for profit if it is a negative number. The subroutine uses Sgn to determine whether profit is positive, negative, or zero.

Sub Button_Click
      Dim profit as Single
      Dim expenses
      Dim sales
      expenses = 100000
      sales = 200000
      profit = Val(sales)-Val(expenses)
      If Sgn(profit) = 1 then
         'Yeah! We turned a profit!
      ElseIf Sgn(profit) = 0 then
         'Okay. We broke even.
         'Uh, oh. We lost money.
         End If
End Sub

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