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Fix Function

This standard VB function returns the integer part of a number.





Any valid numeric expression


The integer part of number.


The return value's data type matches the type of the numeric expression. This includes variant expressions, unless the numeric expression is a string (vartype 8) that evaluates to a number, in which case the data type for its return value is vartype 5 (double). If the numeric expression is vartype 0 (empty), the data type for the return value is vartype 3 (long).

For both positive and negative numbers, Fix removes the fractional part of the expression and returns the integer part only. For example, Fix (6.2) returns 6;
Fix (-6.2) returns -6.

The effect of this function is the same as that of the Int function, except in the handling of negative numbers. Thus:

  • Fix(-8.347) = -8
  • Int(-8.347) = -9

This example returns the integer portion of a number provided by the user.

Sub Button_Click
   Dim usernum
   Dim intvalue
   usernum = 77.54
   intvalue = Fix(usernum)
End Sub

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