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Setting Auto Login Permissions for Siebel Wireless

The systems administrator can set Auto Login permissions for a particular user and device using the Administration - Communications screen > Mobile Devices view. Users can administer their own Auto Login permission levels in the Mobile Devices View (see Using Siebel Wireless for more information on using this view).

The three different login permission levels for a user's device are:

  • User Name and Password. Wireless users must enter their full user name and password to access Siebel Wireless applications.
  • Password Only. Wireless users must enter only their password to access Siebel Wireless applications. Their user name is granted automatically and need not be entered on the wireless device when logging in.
  • Automatic Login. A wireless user's user name and password are granted automatically when that user accesses the Siebel Server. The user is taken directly to the appropriate Siebel Wireless main menu without logging in manually.
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