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Siebel Data Required by the Auto Login Feature of Siebel Wireless

The Siebel Wireless Auto Registration and Auto Login features require the existence of several entries in the Siebel database to function properly. Each of these entries and supporting infrastructure has already been defined in the seed data provided with Siebel Wireless, so Siebel customers do not need to create these entries.

Records required to remain in the Siebel Database for the Siebel Wireless Auto Registration and Auto Login features to work properly include:

  • The predefined Siebel List of Values of Type = "MOBILE_DVC_AUTOLG" with the Language Independent Code values contained in Table 3. Do not make any alterations to the text of this Language Independent Code — it must remain exactly as specified in the table for the Auto Login feature to work properly.

    NOTE:  You can configure the Display Values, which are actually displayed to end users through the Web Client Mobile screen, as desired.

    Table 3. Auto Login Values
    Required Language Independent Code
    Values Configurable Display Values


    User Name and Password


    Password Only


    Automatic Login

  • The Siebel WAP v1.1 Profile Communications Driver and its predefined "WAP v1.1 Profile" Siebel Communications Profile. Users can view this from the Siebel Web Client with Systems Administrator access by navigating to Administration - Communications screen > Communications Drivers and Profiles view.
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