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Enterprise Option for WAP Server Deployment

This option is the alternative to the Carrier Option. Rather than relying on your carrier's WAP server, you install your own WAP server on a machine inside your enterprise's firewall, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. WAP Server and Web Server Behind the Same Firewall

Enterprise Option Benefits and Drawbacks

With the Enterprise Option, you minimize security and latency concerns but incur the cost of buying, setting up, and maintaining your own WAP server, modem bank, and remote access server (RAS), as shown in Table 16.

Table 16. Enterprise Option: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Data is secure during the entire transaction, assuming the security software for the WAP server is properly installed.
  • You have more control over the entire system, are able to create backups, and can better manage security and latency.
  • You need to purchase a WAP server.
  • You are responsible for purchasing and setting up the additional components, including RAS software and a modem bank.
  • The additional setup adds to the implementation time.
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