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Analyzing Email Content With Siebel Smart Answer (Optional Module)

Siebel Smart Answer analyzes email content and sends an automatic response to the customer or suggests a response for the agent. For more information and setup instructions, see Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide.

Automatic response. Answers customer inquiries and Web requests without agent intervention by automatically interpreting the customer's request and locating an appropriate response.

Automatic suggestion. This feature analyzes an email's content and recommends a response for agents to review before sending the response to the customer. You use automatic suggestion for complex situations in which the auto-response feature is not appropriate. Using a solution or template associated with the response category, Smart Answer creates a suggested response.

In many situations, you can use both the automatic suggestion and automatic response features of Siebel Smart Answer, depending on the confidence of the Smart Answer engine. For example, the administrator can establish a rule whereby Smart Answer automatically responds if the confidence parameter is greater than 90 percent, and if the confidence parameter is less than 90 percent, Smart Answer suggests a response for an agent to evaluate.

Self-learning technology. The automatic response and automatic suggestion features are based on a technology that determines the way to respond to email messages by learning from the behavior of the agents. When an agent chooses a category and clicks send, the feedback is sent to the knowledge base. Over time, this feedback trains the knowledge base using the categories that agents choose.

Language support. For a list of languages supported by Smart Answer, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

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