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Identifying Contacts By Email Addresses

Siebel Email Response allows you to identify one contact that has multiple email addresses or multiple contacts that share one email address. The eMail Response - Process Message and eMail Response - Process Service Request workflows support contact verification.

Identifying One Contact With Multiple Email Addresses

Many customers have multiple email addresses. For example, they might work from multiple locations (office, home, other remote locations, and so on). Therefore, when your customers contact you, you need to be able to identify them no matter what email address they use. Siebel software is preconfigured to allow you to add a contact's alternate email addresses in the Contacts screen, More Info view.

NOTE:  In the Contacts screen, the Do Not Email check box applies to all email addresses in this contact record.

Identifying Multiple Contacts That Share One Email Address

When Siebel Email Response receives an email, it searches all contact records for the sender's email address.

  • First, Siebel Email Response compares the sender's email address to the email address in the Email field.
  • When Siebel Email Response finds a match, it creates an activity record and associates it with that contact record. If multiple contact records contain the sender's email address, Siebel Email Response associates the email with the first contact record found and creates an activity record for that contact.

After Siebel Email Response creates an activity record, the following events occur:

  • One inbound email is routed, if routing is enabled.
  • In a preconfigured Siebel Email Response application, an auto acknowledge response is sent to the email sender. However, you will have to add the response group parameter for no response to be sent.
  • The eMail Response - Update Activity Status workflow process updates the activity status for the contact.
  • The eMail Response - Client Send Email workflow process updates the response activity status and inbound activity status for the contact.
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