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Designating an Implementation Team

You should designate several people to serve as the Siebel Email Response deployment team. They will coordinate the setup and maintenance of its new email system by using Planning a Siebel Email Response Deployment as a guide. After the planning process is complete, the email response administrator uses the instructions in Completing Basic Setup Tasks to set up the Siebel Email Response components. Employees who perform the following roles should be on your Siebel Email Response implementation team:

  • System administrator. Responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the network, including the email server, the Smart Answer server component, and the Siebel environment.
  • Siebel Email Response administrator. Responsible for setting up and maintaining Siebel Email Response, including profiles, drivers, response groups, catalogs, response categories, and templates.
  • Developer. Responsible for configuring and customizing the Siebel application to meet the customer's business requirements, including view modifications and process automation.
  • Business analyst. Responsible for:
    • Mapping and developing customer business processes in Siebel Business Process Designer.
    • Developing response categories, solutions, and templates for use by agents.
    • Creating and maintaining the knowledge base for Smart Answer. For additional information, see Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide.
  • Agent. Responsible for providing feedback to the system administrator and business analyst during the development process.

NOTE:  The same employee may perform more than one role.

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