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Determining How Agents Use Siebel Email Response

Agents receive incoming email messages in the Communications screen in the Inbound Item List view or when a work item is routed to the communications toolbar by Siebel Universal Queuing.

Agents select incoming email messages from their Communications list or accept messages using the communications toolbar. The way they reply to email depends on the way your organization chooses to implement Siebel Email Response.

  • Siebel Email Response. Agents select appropriate templates or solutions, or compose free-form content.
  • Siebel Email Response with Siebel Smart Answer. Smart Answer reviews the intent of incoming messages and assigns a category and score that indicates how closely the incoming email matches the category. The agent reviews the incoming email's content and the suggested category. The agent might need only to verify the suggested category, select a solution or template that is associated with that category, and make additional comments before sending the reply to the customer.

    If an agent is not satisfied with a category provided by Smart Answer, that agent can change the category for the message and use a different solution or template. Smart Answer records this change as feedback so that it can improve categorization accuracy.

With both implementations, an agent can attach useful literature or files to a reply, use the spell check feature to find spelling errors, and look for errors not found by the spell check feature. When the reply is finished, the agent sends it.

NOTE:  No matter whether the database is Unicode or not, incoming email content will be converted to Unicode. If the database is Unicode, then all characters after conversion will be saved into the database. Otherwise, non-ASCII characters will not be saved after the conversion. When agents reply to incoming email, the character set of the reply is determined by the Smart Character Set feature. For more information on this feature, see Using the Siebel Email Response Smart Character Set.

For more information about how agents use Siebel Email Response, see Applications Administration Guide. For more information about Siebel Smart Answer, see Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide.

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