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Automatically Restarting Server Components

If Communications Inbound Receiver and Communications Inbound Processor crashes, a new process will be started automatically for these server components if the AutoRestart component parameter = TRUE. The new process looks through all the response groups defined in the database and picks those records in which Startup = Active and Siebel Server = [current Siebel Server name] (the Siebel Server field cannot be blank) and starts a Communications Inbound Receiver and Communications Inbound Processor component task for each one of them. Complete the following procedure to verify the Communications Inbound Receiver and Communications Inbound Processor restart automatically.

To verify Communications Inbound Receiver and Communications Inbound Processor auto-restart

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Server Management > Servers.
  2. Click the Tasks view tab.
  3. In the Tasks list, query for the components named Communications Inbound Receiver/Communications Inbound Processor.
  4. If the status field value is not Active, refresh the view by clicking another view tab and then clicking the Server view tab.

    When the value in the Status field changes to Active, auto-restart is complete.

For more information about starting server components, see the Siebel Server Installation Guide for your operating system.

Automatically Restarting a Response Group

You can set up Siebel Email Response to have Communications Inbound Receiver automatically start a response group. For more information, see Automatically Starting a Response Group.

Managing Subtask Failures at the Email Process Level

When a task fails, the following events occur:

  • An email message is sent to the email address defined in the Administrator Email Address field of the response group.
  • The administrator should check the log files that are attached to the email and identify possible causes of the server component task failure.
    • If it is a workflow step error, it can be fixed in the workflow.
    • If it is a profile error, the administrator verifies that the profile for the response group is valid.
  • The administrator manually restarts the server component task.

Starting the Communications Inbound Receiver

Every time you start an instance of Communications Inbound Receiver the application starts one main task and five subtasks. The main task is assigned the first (lowest) task number (for example, 1318). The five subtasks are assigned the next numbers in sequence (for example, 1319, 1320, 1321, 1322, and 1323). The main task manages the subtasks and the message queue. The subtasks process inbound messages by pulling the inbound messages from the queue and passing them to the appropriate workflow.

Starting the Communications Inbound Processor

The Communications Inbound Processor has only one main task.

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