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Restarting the Servers

For the changes to take effect, you must save the repository and restart the servers.

To restart the servers in Windows

  1. Restart the Siebel Analytics Server, which appears under Services.
  2. NOTE:  The Siebel Analytics Server takes about 10 minutes to start. In the Microsoft Windows environment, the Services Manager returns a false error indicating that it was unable to start the server. This is a known Microsoft Services Manager issue, which times out after 5 minutes. The Siebel Analytics Server is still starting, as is shown when the Services window is refreshed. If the Siebel Analytics Server fails to start, it will log an error in nqServer.log file in the Log directory.

  3. In the ODBC Driver Manager, test that the DSN called Analytics_web (of type Siebel Analytics Server) connects to the Siebel Analytics Server. Use the username Administrator and the password SADMIN.
  4. NOTE:  Be sure to change the default password before migrating to production.

  5. Restart the Web server. This may take several minutes.

To restart the servers in UNIX

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003