Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide


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Installing Siebel Analytics Software in the Windows Environment

Additional Requirements for Installing on Windows

Required Security Settings in Windows for Siebel Analytics Web

Upgrade Note On Siebel Analytics Server Client/Server Communication

Installing Siebel Analytics

Installing the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

Removing or Upgrading Siebel Analytics Software

Installing the Siebel Analytics Software Under Windows

Post-Installer Tasks

Charting Image Server Installation and Configuration for Windows

Inserting Your Siebel Analytics Web License Keys

Configuring Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for Siebel Analytics

Creating and Configuring Siebel Analytics Tables (Stand-Alone Only)

Changing the Account Under Which a Windows Service Runs

A Note on Dashboard Access from Siebel Analytics Applications

A Note on Dashboard Access from Stand-Alone

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Installing Siebel Analytics Software in the UNIX Environment

Supported Siebel Analytics Components

Installation Prerequisites—All UNIX Platforms

Installation Prerequisites for HP-UX

A Note on Beta Repositories

Installing and Configuring Siebel Analytics Components

Installing the Siebel Analytics Server

Changing the Environment Variables

After Installing the Siebel Analytics Server

Creating and Configuring Siebel Analytics Tables

Database Tables and the Siebel Analytics Scheduler

Post-Installation Requirements for Solaris

Post-Installation Requirements for IBM AIX

Post-Installation Requirements for HP-UX

Installing Siebel Analytics Web Under UNIX

Siebel Analytics Web Installation Prerequisites

Installing and Configuring Corda PopChart Image Server

Configuring Xvfb for Siebel Delivers

Installing Siebel Analytics Web Components

Installing on Sun ONE Web Server on Solaris

Installing on WebSphere

Installing on Apache Tomcat 4.x Stand-Alone

Tools for Setting Up Basic Siebel Analytics Server Settings

Tools for the Standard Shell

Tools for the C Shell

Inserting Your Siebel Analytics Web License Keys

Server and Web Configuration Options

Configuration Options for the Siebel Analytics Server

Configuration Options for Siebel Analytics Web

Installing the Siebel Analytics Web Catalog

Upgrading Your Previous Siebel Analytics Web Catalog

Troubleshooting the Installation

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Installing the Siebel Analytics Cluster Server Feature

Other Installation Requirements for the Cluster Server Feature

Installing the Clustering Feature

Configuring Clustered Servers and Cluster Controllers

Configuring Client Computers for Clustering

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NQSConfig.ini File Reference

Initialization File Parsing Rules

Location of Initialization File

Adding Comments

Rules for Parameter Entries

Changing Parameter Entries

Sample Initialization File

Parameter and Syntax Descriptions

Parameters in the Repository Section

Parameters in the Cache Section

Parameters in the General Section

Parameters in the Security Section

Parameters in the Server Section

Parameters in the Dynamic Library Section

Parameters in the User Log Section

Parameters in the Usage Tracking Section

Parameters in the Server Query Statistics Section

Parameters in the Optimization Flags Section

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NQClusterConfig.ini File Reference

About the Initialization File


Adding Comments

Rules for Parameter Entries

Changing Parameter Entries

Sample Initialization File

Parameter and Syntax Descriptions in the Cluster Section

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Siebel Analytics Applications Overview

Siebel Analytics Applications Installation Overview

Upgrading from Previous Versions of Siebel Data Warehouse

Updating Seed Data

Accessing Optional Analytics Applications

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Accessing Analytics Through Siebel Applications

Overview of Analytics Applications Configuration Tasks

Changing the Preconfigured Database Connections

Changing the Default DSNs

Changing the Database Type

Connection Pools

Updating Initialization Blocks

Creating a Dedicated Repository

Restarting the Servers

Completing the Initialization in the Siebel eBusiness Application

Using Analytics-to-Siebel eBusiness Application Drill-Through

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Applications User Authentication and Security Setup

Introduction to Security

Levels of Security

User Authentication

Configuring LDAP Authentication

Configuring ADSI Authentication

Integrated Security for Responsibilities and Groups

Responsibilities and Access

Metadata Object Level—Repository Groups

Metadata Object Level—Web Catalog Groups

Data-Level Security

Implementing Data-Level Security in the Repository

Default Security Settings

Analytics Applications Specific Security Groups

Siebel eBusiness Applications Security

Sales Analytics Security

ERM Analytics Security

Partner Relationship Management Security

Siebel Industry Applications Security

Consumer Sector Security

Communications, Media, and Energy (CME) Security

Financial Services

Life Sciences Security

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Siebel eBusiness Applications Metadata

Dashboard Content of Siebel eBusiness Applications Analytics

Configuring Siebel Applications For Attribute Analysis

Metadata Requirements For Siebel eBusiness Applications Analytics

Sales Analytics

Forecast Analytics

Configuring Forecast, Quota, and Actual Analytics

Currency Conversion


Workforce Analytics

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Siebel Industry Applications Analytics Metadata

About Siebel Industry Applications Analytics Metadata

Disabling the eFinance Logical Table Sources

Siebel eFinance Analytics

Consumer Sector

Communications, Media, and Energy (CME)

Life Sciences

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Internationalization Considerations

Installing Localization Packs for Analytics

Maintaining Translation Tables

Metadata Strings

Web Catalog Strings

A Note on Windows 2000 Platforms for Analytics Web

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Customizing a Siebel Analytics Application

Customizing the Analytics Content on the Siebel Operational Application Home Page

Adding Custom Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Subject Areas for Siebel Operational Applications

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 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003