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Responsibilities and Access

Permission and access are always determined by user's memberships in various responsibilities.

NOTE:  Users are always created in the Siebel operational application database, never in the Siebel Analytics repository.

In this case, Responsibility is interchangeable with Repository group and Web Catalog group; they have a one-to-one correspondence.

There are two ways for a Siebel administrator to check a user's responsibility:

When you add a new responsibility to a user in Analytics Web, the change is not immediately reflected in the Analytics environment. In order to register the new user responsibility, two things must happen:

  1. The administrator must reload the Server metadata through Analytics Web.
  2. Once the metadata is reloaded, the user must log out from the Siebel operational application, then log in again.

Siebel Analytics applications ship with certain preconfigured responsibilities. Table 11 shows these preconfigured responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are described in further detail in Siebel eBusiness Applications Metadata and in Siebel Industry Applications Analytics Metadata.

Table 11.  Siebel Analytics Applications Preconfigured Responsibilities
Sales Analytics Administrator
VP of Sales Analytics
Sales Manager Analytics
Sales Representative Analytics
Marketing Analytics User
Marketing Analytics Administrator
Interactive Selling
ISS Analytics User
ISS Analytics Administrator
Service Analytics VP
Service Analytics Manager
Service Analytics Administrator
Service Analytics Service User
Service Analytics Call Center User
Service Analytics eMail User
Partner Service Rep Analytics User
Partner Sales Rep Analytics User
Partner Executive Analytics User
Partner Operations Analytics User
Partner Sales Manager Analytics User
Partner Service Manager Analytics User
Channel Accounts Manager Analytics User
Channel Executive Analytics User
Channel Operations Analytics User
Channel Marketing Manager Analytics User
Employee Relationship Management
ERM Analytics VP
ERM Analytics Manager
ERM Analytics HelpDesk Agent
ERM Analytics HelpDesk
ERM Analytics User
ERM Analytics HR
Executive Analytics User
Executive Analytics Administrator
Communications, Media, & Energy
CM Marketing Analytics User
CM Marketing Analytics Administrator
CM Sales Analytics User
CM Sales Analytics Administrator
CM Service Analytics User
CM Service Analytics Administrator
Financial Services
Finance Analytics User
Insurance Analytics User
Financial Services Analytics User
Consumer Goods
CS Analytics VP Sales
CS Analytics Key Account Manager
CG Sales Analytics User
CG Sales Analytics Administrator
Life Sciences
LS Administrator
PH US Sales Analytics User
PH EMEA Sales Analytics User
PH Sales Analytics Administrator
PH US Marketing Analytics User
PH EMEA Marketing Analytics User
PH Marketing Analytics Administrator
PH Mobile Analytics User
PH Mobile Analytics Admin
PH Medical Education Analytics User
PH Medical Education Analytics Admin
PH US Call Activity Analytics User
PH EMEA Call Activity Analytics User
PH Call Activity Analytics Admin
PH US Executive Analytics User
PH EMEA Executive Analytics User
PH Executive Analytics Admin
AT Service Analytics User
AT Service Analytics Administrator
AT Sales Analytics User
AT Sales Analytics Administrator
AT Partner Analytics User
AT Partner Analytics Administrator

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003