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Installing and Configuring Corda PopChart Image Server

This section describes the installation of Corda PopChart Image Server (PCIS) version 3.8.x. PCIS uses appearance files to determine the look and feel of generated images on Siebel Analytics Web. By default, the appearance files required by Analytics Web are installed at INSTALLDIR/Web/Servlet/Res/s_Siebel7/PopBin.

NOTE:  X Window System is required to install PopChart Imager Server.

Before beginning the PCIS installation, do the following:

NOTE:  The following examples use an installation path usr/local/Corda. Change this path to match your own environment, as applicable.

To install the PopChart Image Server

  1. From the PopChart subdirectory on the installation CD-ROM, run the PopChart installer PCIS383.bin.
  2. The installer prompts you to select the following:
    1. A directory for installation. Select an appropriate value here; for example,
    2. Location of a JDK/JRE to use for PCIS.
      • For Solaris and HP-UX platforms, use JDK/JRE 1.3.1 or greater.
      • For AIX, use JDK 1.3.0.
    3. One of several product Installation Sets. Select the option for Production Server.
  3. Add the location of the Analytics Web appearance files to the PCIS paths.xml configuration file. The paths.xml file is located at /usr/local/Corda/image_server/pcis_classes/path.xml.
  4. Insert the following element between the <PathMaps> and </PathMaps> tags:

    <Map Name="saw-apfiles" Path= "INSTALLDIR/Web/Servlet/Res/ s_Siebel7/PopBin/*" Action="Load"/>

    Replace INSTALLDIR by the full path to the Analytics installation directory.

    NOTE:  This is an XML file. Take care to follow XML syntax rules.

PCIS is distributed with startup and shutdown scripts. These are also included in the PopChart subdirectory on the CD-ROM, in a file called scripts.tar. The following procedure installs and customizes these scripts.

To install and customize PCIS startup and shutdown scripts

  1. Copy the scripts.tar file from the PopChart subdirectory on the CD-ROM to
    /usr/local/Corda directory after installing the PopChart Server.
  2. Uncompress the tar file using the command:
  3. tar -xf scripts.tar

    This command creates a scripts directory.

  4. Locate the file in the scripts directory and set the value PCIS_PATH to the image_server subdirectory of the PCIS installation directory. For example:
  5. PCIS_PATH=/usr/local/Corda/image_server

  6. Locate the file pcis.settings within the scripts directory.
    Edit the pcis.settings file values. Be sure to choose the correct path for JAVA_HOME.
  7. Settings
    The path to the JDK/JRE that is to be used for PCIS.
    The port through which HTTP requests for end-users will be serviced by PCIS.
    A port on which PCIS will listen for programmatic requests made by clients using a proprietary protocol.
    The X Window display that PCIS will use to generate certain types of images. This setting is only relevant if you are configuring Siebel Delivers. More details for this setting are provided in the section that describes Xvfb configuration for PCIS.

  8. Set the executable bit for the script.
  9. This script can now be used to start, stop, restart and show status about PCIS. Run the script without any arguments to display usage.

To start PCIS

  1. Make sure that you are logged in as root.
  2. Execute the command:
  3. /usr/local/Corda/image_server/scripts/ start

    To stop PCIS, execute the command:

    /usr/local/Corda/image_server/scripts/ stop

PCIS may run as any user on the system and does not have to run as the same user as the other Analytics processes. In the example, because ports 81 and 82 were chosen for PCIS to listen on, PCIS is run as root. If ports greater than 1024 are selected, then PCIS need not run as root.

The value of PORT selected was provided during the installation of Siebel Analytics Web, using the installation script provided on the CD-ROM. If these two port values do not match, charting will not work.

Requests to PCIS may also be routed through a Web server. Corda provides various means for doing this. Consult Corda documentation, as well as the section Configuration Options for Siebel Analytics Web, to explore these options.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003