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Siebel Analytics Web Installation Prerequisites

Before installing Siebel Analytics Web, other software must be installed and configured. This software includes:

PopChart Image Server (PCIS)

Siebel Analytics Web uses a third-party charting engine, PopChart Image Server or PCIS, for rendering charts. PCIS runs as a separate server.

During the main Siebel Analytics installation, when you choose an option that includes the Analytics Web component, the installation script prompts you for the server name and port number on which the PopChart Image Server was installed. (See Step 2 of To install the Siebel Analytics Server software under UNIX.) If you configured PCIS to run on a port other than the default, you must provide the appropriate values here (see Installing and Configuring Corda PopChart Image Server). Otherwise you may accept the default values.

If you decide to change the port number or machine that runs the PopChart Image Server, you must reconfigure Analytics Web to point to the new location. It is possible for Analytics Web and PCIS to run on separate machines, but for administrative as well as performance reasons, it is recommended that they be installed on the same machine. See Configuration Options for Siebel Analytics Web.

X Virtual Frame Buffer (Xvfb)

The X Virtual Frame Buffer is an X Window server that renders to virtual memory rather than to a graphics display device. While traditional (video) X servers require graphics hardware to be present, the Xvfb server performs all its rendering in software, and can run on a computer with or without a graphics display device. Both a video X server and an Xvfb server can run simultaneously on a system, but they must have different display numbers. Using Xvfb, PopChart Image Server renders images suitable for delivery by Siebel Delivers. See Configuring Xvfb for Siebel Delivers.

NOTE:  If you are not using Siebel Delivers, then Xvfb is not required.

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 Published: 18 April 2003