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Troubleshooting the Installation

This section details some common problems observed during installations and suggests possible solutions.

Attempting to access Analytics Web results in the java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
Usually, this means that the environment for the Web server process does not include the directory for Analytics Web native libraries in its library path.
Make sure that the directory INSTALLDIR/Web/Bin is in the library path environment variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Solaris, LIBPATH on AIX and SHLIB_PATH on HP-UX).
  • If using Tomcat, make sure that the syntax for sourcing the Analytics Web initialization script (INSTALLDIR/setup/ is exactly as detailed in the installation instructions.
  • If using Sun ONE, make sure that all Web server processes were shut down and that you started the Web sever using the script from the command line.
Attempting to access Analytics Web results in the javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot create the server: Does the catalog you are using have read/write permissions for the user you are running as? (nqw:GOTNNXLK line 151 of WebServletWrapper.cpp)
If the Web server did not startup or shutdown properly on previous attempts it is possible that the Web Catalog's version record may have been corrupted. A failure to read this file would result in the observed error.
  1. Locate the directory where your Web Catalog is saved. By default this is INSTALLDIR/Data/Web/Catalog.
  2. Make a complete backup of all files in this directory to minimize loss of work.
  3. Assuming that your catalog is named SiebelAnalytics.webcat, locate the most recently modified file named SiebelAnalytics.webcat.xx.autosave, and replace the file SiebelAnalytics.webcat with this file.
  4. Delete the file named SiebelAnalytics.webcat.version.
  5. Try to start Analytics Web. If you still encounter the same error, then replace the SiebelAnalytics.webcat file with the next most current .autosave file.
Charts do not appear
Analytics Web and the user's browser are unable to communicate with CORDA PopChart Image Server.
  1. Make sure that PCIS is running.
  2. Make sure that the port PCIS is listening on (the PORT environment variable in the file pcis.settings) matches the port Analytics Web thinks PCIS is listening on. Refer to the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Siebel Systems, Inc.\Siebel Analytics\Web\n.n\Charts\POP\ServerPrefix.
  3. Make sure that other PCIS configuration steps have been completed properly; for example, the entry in the paths.xml file is correct.
Charts do not appear in Delivers and running iBots appear to hang
PCIS has not been configured properly or Xvfb has not been configured properly.
  • Make sure that you can see charts outside of Delivers; for example, in Answers or on other dashboards.
  • Make sure that Xvfb has been set up appropriately. Refer to your hardware vendor's documentation for verifying that Xvfb has been installed and is running.
No Login Screen - No Errors
Incorrect configuration or incomplete shutdown/memory allocation
  • Make sure that Web server is running.
  • Make sure that the empty.htm file in the installed virtual directory can be accessed from a browser. If this fails, the virtual directory path is incorrectly defined.
  • Shutting down the server and Web server usually requires that the script mwcleanup be executed prior to restarting.
No login Screen - Web server errors
Conflicting ports used
Make sure that the Analytics Web doesn't use the same port numbers as existing software (for example, accidentally picking the same port number as the WWW service).
No Login Screen - Analytics Server restarted
Analytics Web lost connection to the Analytics Server
Ideally, Analytics Web should be shut down prior to the server, and restarted after the Siebel Analytics Server has been restarted.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003