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After Installing the Siebel Analytics Server

After the installation, test the setup.

To test the Siebel Analytics Server installation

  1. Run Siebel Analytics Client by opening another session. From the setup directory
    INSTALLDIR/setup, run one of the following scripts.
  2. .

    source sa-cli.csh

    To test the client/server connectivity, run


  3. Make sure all clients are disconnected from the Siebel Analytics Server, then stop the server:
  4. { start | {stop -d <data source name> -u <user name> -p <password>} }

    run-sa.csh { start | {stop -d <data source name> -u <user name> -p <password>} }

    For example:

    run-sa.csh stop -d AnalyticsWeb -u Administrator -p SADMIN

    nqsshutdown.exe -d <data source name> -u administrator -p <password>

    NOTE:  If the password is empty, enclose it in double quotes ("").

If the Server Fails to Start

If the startup operation fails, look in the following log files for messages indicating possible reasons.

The log files contain messages indicating why the server startup failed. For example, if there were a syntax error in the NQSConfig.ini file, both the operating system's log and the NQServer.log file would contain messages about the syntax error. After examining the log messages, correct the problem and start the server again.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003