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Charting Image Server Installation and Configuration for Windows

Siebel Analytics uses a third-party charting image server to determine the look and feel of generated images on Siebel Analytics Web.

NOTE:  The charting image server installation is integrated into the Analytics Installation Wizard. If you choose to abort it or to reinstall the image server, use this information to guide you. If the image server has been installed correctly, skip this section.

This section describes what happens during the installation of PopChart Image Server (PCIS) version 3.8.x for Windows platforms.

Installation Considerations

Installing the Chart Image Server

The following examples use the paths C:\SiebelAnalytics and C:\SiebelAnalyticsData for Siebel Analytics and C:\Program Files\Corda for the image server. Change these paths to match your own environment, as applicable.

To install the image server under Windows (outside of the Installer Wizard)

  1. From the PopChart subdirectory on the installation CD-ROM, run the installer PCIS383.exe.
  2. The installer prompts you to select the following:
    1. A directory for installation. Select an appropriate value here. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Corda

    1. Location of JavaSoft JDK/JRE to use for the image server.
    2. NOTE:  JavaSoft JDK/JRE version 1.3.1 or greater is required; JDK version 1.3.1 is recommended. Refer to PCIS documentation for details.

    3. A product installation set. Select the Production Server option.
  3. From the image server subdirectory, execute the cordaPatch.js script. This script automates the installation of appearance files as well as changes to the charting configuration files. If you encounter problems running the script, follow Steps a-c for manual installation of the appearance files and for manual configuration changes.
    1. Before installing the charting appearance files necessary for Analytics Web, back up the old template files installed by default. These are located in the directory C:\SiebelAnalytics\Web\App\Res\s_Siebel7\Charts. Rename this directory to Charts.GSP. For example:


    1. Navigate to the PopChart\PopChartTemplates subdirectory on the installation CD-ROM and copy both the Charts and PopBin subdirectories into C:\SiebelAnalytics\Web\App\Res\s_Siebel7. These are the appearance files that will enable support for the charting application within Analytics Web.
    2. Add the location of the Analytics Web appearance files to the image server paths.xml configuration file. The paths.xml file is located at C:\Program Files\Corda\image_server\pcis_classes\path.xml.
    3. Insert the following elements between the <PathMaps> and </PathMaps> tags:

    <Map Name="SAW" Path="C:\SiebelAnalytics\Web\App\Res\ *" Action="Load"/>

    <Map Name="SAWData" Path="C:\SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\*" This is an XML file. Take care to follow XML syntax rules.

  4. There is no indication that the script ran correctly. Check the Analytics Web subdirectories to see that Steps 3a through 3c have been completed successfully.
  5. Restart the machine (even if not prompted to do so).
  6. Test the server from an Internet Explorer browser, using the URL
  7. http://localhost:81/

    The charting image server front page should open.

  8. Apply the license key and restart the machine again.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003