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Post-Installer Tasks

After the Installation Wizard has ended, you must perform several tasks for the installation to take effect.

  1. Insert your license keys for any Siebel Analytics Web components you installed. Refer to Inserting Your Siebel Analytics Web License Keys.
  2. Restart your computer before using the Siebel Analytics software. The installation prompts you to restart the computer now, or at a later time. Select your preference and click OK.
  3. Install and Configure Microsoft Internet Information Server.

A Note on Executable Files

The $INSTALLDIR\SiebelAnalytics\Bin folder contains all of the executable files invoked by Siebel Analytics Server components, as well as some utilities that are described in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide. It also contains some command-line utilities, listed below, that are provided for debugging purposes. For example, nQcmd.exe can be used for automated regression testing, nQUDMLGen.exe can generate UDML text from a repository, and nQUDMLExec.exe can generate a repository from UDML text and remove inconsistent or faulty UDML in the process.

CAUTION:  Use the utilities listed below with caution. Some can create damage if not used properly. For example, nQUDMLGen.exe may completely decompile and recompile the Analytics repository. The repository may be rendered unstable, unusable, or inconsistent. It is recommended that you contact Siebel Technical Support before using any of these utilities.














 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003