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Updating Seed Data

This process is required for customers of Siebel Analytics version 7.0.3 who are upgrading to version 7.5 by way of version 7.0.4.

The file Analytics_seed_update and supporting utilities are available on the main Siebel eBusiness application installation CD-ROM.

NOTE:  The seed data update should be done by your Siebel operational application administrators, who normally upgrade Siebel operational application seed data.

To update Siebel Analytics 7.0.3 seed data

  1. Open a command line interface and enter the following command.
  2. Replace all variables (names that start with a $) with your installation-specific information shown in Table 6.
  3. $SiebelRoot\bin\odbcsql /s "$ODBCDataSource" /u $TableOwner /p

    $TablePassword /separator / /a /c rem /l $SiebelRoot/log/

    seed_cleanup.log $DbsrvrRoot/$DatabasePlatform/

    analytics_seed_update.sql /v

    NOTE:  UNIX users should replace the backslashes (\) with forward slashes (/).

    Table 6.  Variables for Updating Seeds
    Siebel Server installation directory
    ODBC Data Source Name for the Siebel Transaction Database
    Table owner's name
    Table owner's password
    Location of DbSrvr installation
    RDBMS you are using for Siebel operational applications

Upgrading Older Repositories in UNIX

If you have an older version of the Siebel Analytics Server running under UNIX, you must run the following upgrade steps, otherwise parts of the repository may be invalid when you upgrade to Siebel Analytics 7.5.

In the repository, the Date, Time and Timestamp data types are not portable across UNIX and Windows. You can see this in the SiebelAnaltyics.rpd on HP-UX. When you navigate to Manage > Variables > LAST_REFRESH_DT in the Administration Tool running on Windows, the LAST_REFRESH_DT will appear to be garbage—for example, it has a negative number for the year.

If you are running under UNIX, there are some additional configuration steps to run. Unless these steps are run, you may have compatibility problems for repositories with Date, Time, and Timestamp columns. The general process is to convert your 7.0.4 repository or repositories to text format, then convert them back to repository format before you use the repository.

To upgrade a 7.0.4 repository

  1. Using binary mode, FTP the repository to a Windows 2000 or Windows NT machine.
  2. Convert the repository to text.
  3. nqudmlgen -U administrator -P SADMIN -R SiebelAnalytics.rpd - O SiebelAnalytics.txt

  4. Convert the text back to repository format.
  5. nqudmlexec -U administrator -P SADMIN -I SiebelAnalytics.txt - O SiebelAnalytics.rpd

  6. FTP the repository back to the UNIX machine.

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev. C 
 Published: 18 April 2003