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Siebel Environmental Variables

Table 30 lists the environmental variables required for a Windows implementation of Siebel Search. There are no ODBC drivers used in a Windows implementation, and thus no data source information is made implicit. All control parameters that are normally specified in the data source must be defined as environmental variables. These are FULSEARCH, FULCREATE, FULTEMP, and optionally, FTNPATH.

NOTE:  Although these variables are called Siebel Environmental Variables, they are used by Hummingbird SearchServer itself. These variables are also used in UNIX.

Table 30. Siebel Environmental Variables
Environmental Variable
Environmental Variable Definition
This is the location that was specified in the Pre-Installation Checklist as the storage location of the indices.
This is the directory or directories that Hummingbird will search. There can be more than one directory, and multiple directory entries must be separated by semicolons, without spaces. The list must always include the Fulcrum\Fultext directory.
The directory that Hummingbird uses to store temporary data, normally the directory pointed to by the TEMP environment variable.
The address and name of the client connector. This is the SearchServer machine name and address to users. This is case sensitive, and should be entered in lowercase when required.

The following are examples of how these Hummingbird environment variables can be set. It is assumed any Siebel installations are located in the C:\SIEBEL70 directory.

Search Server Configuration. If you configure your Siebel Server as Search Server, the following parameters will be set:

Remote Search Server. If you configure your Siebel Server to connect to a remote Search Server searchserver with port number 2048, the following parameters will be set:

Typically, you will not need to set these variables, as Siebel Search code will set them at the run time.

Hummingbird Client Connector. If you configure a Hummingbird Client Connector, which is required to set up a remote Search Server, note the following example:

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 Published: 18 April 2003