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Hummingbird Installation

  1. Question. Is Hummingbird Version 5.0 installed?
  2. Requirement. Hummingbird is required to be installed on the Search server to allow Siebel Search. See Installing Siebel Search Under Windows for instructions on installing Siebel Search.

    How to check. In Windows, go to Programs from the Start menu and look for a program group called Fulcrum. Open up ExecSQL. On the splashscreen, you should see that the version is 5.0.

  3. Question. Is more than one version of Hummingbird installed?
  4. Requirement. If an older version of Fulcrum is still installed or incompletely removed, then Siebel Search may not work. The older version must be completely uninstalled. See Upgrade Notes for Windows Users for information about removing older versions of Fulcrum from the machine.

    How to check. Go to the add/remove programs icon in Windows Settings > Control Panel. Fulcrum 3.7e and earlier versions have multiple programs installed. In addition, check the path variables for the machine and make sure that the Fulcrum reference only points to the current version of Hummingbird 5.0.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003