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Defining Index Field Maps for Search Tables

The Index Field Map object identifies fields of a buscomp to be indexed. This object specifies to the search engine the result fields to which the buscomp fields (or Index Fields) will map. Only result fields marked as Data (Public) can be mapped. Contents of the index fields will be indexed into the search engine result fields. The business component field that is mapped to the summary column should be a required field in the business component. If this field is empty for a record that shows as a search result, then the unique ID will be substituted into the summary field.

NOTE:  Last Updated Time is implicitly added to the DID file and need not be defined in Tools under the Search Index Field Map object. Id is explicitly defined in Siebel Tools.


Table 10 lists the properties for the Index Fields object.

Table 10. Index Field Map Object Properties 
Identifies a name for the field.
This provides the ability to associate multiple index fields to result fields.
BC Field
The active fields of the buscomp that is associated with the parent Search object. These fields will be included in the Search.
Result Field
Specifies the result field that maps to the index field. For example, you may want SR Abstract to be indexed into the Summary result field. By default, the contents of the index field are automatically indexed into the External Text result field. Note that the result field Document Text has been renamed to External Text in Siebel 7.5.
Used during the script file generation.
Field Type
Specifies the type of the Index Field. These types are, Attachment, Rev Num Organization, and Catalog Category, Access Group.
NOTE: In Version 7.5, the 7.0 field type of Group has been renamed to Catalog Category. If you (the customer) have created any custom entries, the Tools migration script should automatically make this change.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003