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Find Field Objects

Find Field is a child object type of Find. A Find Field object definition adds a find field to its parent Find object definition. The find field appears as a text box in the Search Center when the parent find is active. Each child Find Field object definition provides the parent Find with a find value text box and corresponding field name to search.


Table 14 lists the Find Field object properties.

Table 14. Find Field Object Properties
Display Name
The text (or key to localized text) that will be displayed for this find field when its parent Find object definition is active in the Search Center window.
The field being searched in the business component.
Name of the search field added.
The position of this find field in the list of fields displayed in the Search Center-Find category for the parent find object definition.
Reserved for future use.
Display in Results
Checking this option allows the field to be displayed on the find results applet in the Search Center. By default the whole field value will be displayed. But you can set a limit so that characters after the max length will be skipped and you will see an ellipsis (...) in the end. You need to use the user property in Find Results List Applet to set the length limit. Use the following applet user properties.
  • User Property Name: [Find Object Name]
  • User Property Value: [Find Field] = [Length]
or if more than one,
  • User Property Value: [Find Field Name] = [Length], [Find Field Name] = [Length], [Find Field Name] = [Length] ...
Display in Entry
Checking this option allows the field to be displayed on the find entry applet in the Search Center.

Rules and Assumptions

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003