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Creating Search or Find Pick Views

Users can associate search results from the search center to the active record in the top applet in the main content area. The Pick View object, located under Search Category > Search Pick View, identifies the applet that can receive the selected item from the Search Results List as an associated record. This applies only to applets that can handle such associations.

In order to attach a record in the Search Results List Applet or Find Results List Applet to an active parent object in the Content Area, the relationship between the record and the applet must be many-to-many. In Siebel Tools, this relationship is implemented by creating a link between the two Business Components with an intersectional table. If you check a Business Object and find out that a Search Category or Find Object is one of its Business Components and there is an many-to-many link between them, it is permissible to attach this result row to an object.

This association happens in the Business Object Layer, in terms of Siebel Three-Level Architecture. But to support the user to go to a view directly to verify the association, there is a requirement that Pick View be added to the Search Category Object or Find Object. This Pick View defines the view that users can go to after association happens, as well as the candidate association. You will need to add new Pick Views in order to add this Search Category or Find Object to a Business Object.


Table 19 lists the properties for the Pick View object.

Table 19. Pick View Object Properties
Name of the applet
Name of the view containing the applet
Logical name of the pick view
Destination Field
Name of the multi-value group field that will receive the search result

To create pick views

  1. Lock the project that will contain the Pick View object you want to add.
  2. In the Object Explorer choose Search Category > Search Pick View.
  3. A new record appears.

  4. Enter the required property values for the new record.
  5. To commit your changes, click anywhere outside the modified row, or move outside the row using the up and down arrow keys.
  6. Compile your changes to the SRF file.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003