Siebel Analytics Performance Tuning Guide


How This Guide Is Organized

Revision History

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Performance Tuning

Overview of Performance Tuning

Working Assumptions

Suggested Approach

Siebel Analytics

Underlying Database Servers

The Extract, Load, and Transform Process

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Siebel Analytics

Analytics Considerations

Enable Query Caching



Reference Materials

Add Aggregate Tables

Aggregates Shipped with Siebel Analytics

Identify Candidates

Basic Guidelines

Adding and Managing Aggregate Tables

Packaged Aggregate Tables

Subset Large Physical Dimension Tables

Subset Dimension Tables

Review Configuration Parameters

Siebel Analytics Configuration Parameters

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The Database Servers

Overview of Database Indexing

More Than One Kind of Index

Database Optimizers

Index Selection

B-Tree Indexes

Bitmap Indexes

Vendor Index Evaluation Tools

Determinants of Index Efficiency

Periodic Tuning Tasks

Periodic Index Evaluation

Refresh Optimizer Statistics

Reorganize Indexes

Drop Indexes

Review Configuration Parameters

Computer Host

Miscellaneous Tips

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The ETL Process

Remove Unused Batches

Example Company

Rearrange Batches for Balance


Drop and Recreate Indexes

Create and Drop Batch Scripts

Dummy Sessions and Initialization

Batches for the Initial Extract

Split Index Script Files for Parallelism

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 Siebel Analytics Performance Tuning Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003