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Adding Policy Columns to a Workflow Policy Object

If you are creating a new workflow policy object or if you want to add new columns to an existing workflow policy object, you must first verify that the column is available in the Workflow Policy Columns applet in the Workflow Policy Column view. If the column is not listed, you need to add the column in the Workflow Policy Column view before you perform the following steps.

To add a column to a workflow policy object

  1. Open Siebel Tools and select the Types tab in Object Explorer.
  2. From Object Explorer, select the workflow policy object for the new column and then the workflow policy component under that object.
  3. In the Workflow Policy Component Column applet, navigate to Edit > Add Record and add the information for the new record in the appropriate fields.
  4. You should see a list of workflow policy columns that were defined for the database table that the workflow policy component is based on.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003