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Defining Process Properties

You define process properties in the Process Properties view.

To define a process property

  1. From the Business Process Administration screen, choose the Process Properties view.
  2. Verify that the process definition for which you are defining the process property appears in the Workflow Process applet.
  3. NOTE:  If the correct process does not appear in the Workflow Process applet, go to the All Processes view and select the correct process definition.

  4. Click the Workflow Process Properties applet to make it active and choose
    Edit > Add New Record to begin the definition of a process property.
  5. Enter a name for the process property.
  6. NOTE:  Do not use the period (".") character in a process property name.

  7. Select a data type code from the picklist.
  8. The choices are:

  9. Enter a default string value, date value, or number value, if applicable.
  10. This is the value of the process property at the start of process execution.

  11. Repeat Step 3 through Step 6 to define additional properties.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003