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Working with a User Interact Step

The user interact step allows application designers to design and configure the flow of Siebel views within an application. Siebel Workflow guides end users through a specified flow of Siebel views based on the users' actions, or executes a specified set of actions. This flow can be modified as business rules change.

The user interact step has the following behaviors:

NOTE:  Workflows running in the Workflow Process Manager server component should not contain user interact steps. That is, if the workflow is running in background mode or in batch mode, it cannot include user interact steps. If the Workflow Process Manager encounters a user interact step, an error will result.

CAUTION:  If using the workflow persistence feature with user interact steps, note that workflows with user interact steps should be persisted only for debugging purposes. A persisted workflow that contains a user interact step can resume in a different user session based on which user generated the event, causing unintended behavior. For more information on persistence and user interact steps, see User Interact Steps and Workflow Persistence.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003