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Reviewing Existing Process Definitions

You should review your existing processes to see if the process you need is already available or if a similar process exists that you can copy and modify to meet your requirements.

The All Processes view provides a list of all the current process definitions. See Using the All Processes View for information about this view. Use the following procedure to review existing process definitions.

To review process definitions

  1. From the Workflow Processes view, run the All Processes query.
  2. Review the list of available process definitions.
  3. To view the basic details of a specific process, click on the process name hyperlink.
  4. The details for the process appears in the Workflow Process applet on the lower portion of the view.

  5. If you find a process you want to copy as the basis for a new process definition, select Copy from the applet menu.
  6. See Copying a Process for more details on copying an existing process definition. Alternatively, you can create a new process by clicking the New button. See Defining a New Process for more information on creating a new process.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 22 May 2003