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Defining a New Process

To define a new process, you must enter some basic information about the process, such as the process name, the associated business object, and the activation date. You can enter this information in the Workflow Process form in the All Processes view, the Process Designer view, or the Process Properties view.

The procedure below describes using the Process Designer view because this is also the view that you use to diagram the process steps. Diagramming process steps is the next part of creating a new process. See Using the Process Designer View for more information about this view.

To define a new process

  1. From the Business Process Administration screen, choose the All Processes view.
  2. Select New Record in the Workflow Process applet.
  3. Enter a name for the new process. The process name should be short but meaningful.
  4. Select a business object from the picklist.
  5. The picklist contains only those business objects that have a defined primary business component. See Siebel Tools Reference for information about defining business objects. See Defining a Primary Component for a Business Object for information about defining a primary business component for a business object.

    NOTE:  A business object must be selected to support Siebel operation steps or steps that compare values in a business component. Once a business object is selected, it should not be changed.

  6. Enter a description.
  7. Use this field to describe the purpose of the process and any special requirements or notes.

  8. Select a Start date and an End date from the pop-up calendars.
  9. These dates represent the time span during which the process is valid.

  10. Select a group from the picklist.
  11. Groups can be used to categorize your workflow processes. To define a new group, use the following steps:

    1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Application Administration > List of Values > List of Values.
    2. Enter a new record.
    3. Select WF_GROUP_CD in the type field.
    4. In the Display Value column, enter the new group name.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 22 May 2003