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Invoking From a Workflow Policy

To invoke a workflow process from a workflow policy, you define a policy action that uses the workflow policy program Run Workflow Process. Alternatively, you can create a custom workflow policy program by copying the Run Workflow Process program and then adding program arguments that correspond to workflow process properties. This way you can use the policy program to pass data to the workflow process properties.

NOTE:  For complete information about defining workflow policies, see Creating Workflow Policies.

To invoke a process from a workflow policy

  1. Choose Site Map > Business Process Administration > Workflow Policy Actions, then define a new action.
    1. In the Program field, use the picklist to select the Run Workflow Process program.
    2. In the Arguments applet, select ProcessName and enter the name of the workflow process you want to invoke as the argument value.
  2. Navigate to the Workflow Policy Group view and define a new group.
  3. Navigate to the Workflow Policies view and define a new policy.
    1. In the Conditions applet, define a condition for the policy that must be met to invoke the workflow process.
    2. In the Actions applet, enter the name of the action you defined in Step 1.
  4. Run Generate Triggers.
  5. See Creating Database Triggers for more information about running the trigger generator.

  6. If you are using the Run Workflow Process program, verify that the Workflow Process Manager server component is online.
  7. Run Workflow Monitor Agent.
  8. See Using Workflow Monitor Agent for more information about monitoring workflow policies.

  9. Violate the policy. The action should invoke the workflow process.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 22 May 2003