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Creating and Modifying Screens

Typically, you create a new screen when you create a new business object. You modify an existing screen object when you remove or add a screen tab, change menu text (for the Site Map), or define new views for that screen. Screens appear as first-level choices on the Site Map.

Views associated with screens appear in one of two places. Views with visibility properties (specifically the Visibility applet) appear in the Site Map as views accessible under the screen. They also appear in the Show drop-down list in the screen's default view. Screens are also accessed through screen tabs. Each screen tab represents a screen. The views that are part of that screen are available in the Show drop-down list (those with visibility properties) or are represented as view tabs under the screen's default view.

The order of the tabs and their listing on the Site Map are controlled by the sequence property of the records in the page tab and screen menu item child object of the application object.

 Configuration Guidelines 
 Published: 18 April 2003