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Setting Advanced Link Properties

When you create a link, you can set the following properties:

Setting the Cascade Delete Property

The Cascade Delete property determines whether a child record is deleted when the parent record is deleted. If the property is set to Delete, then the child record is deleted. This is most appropriate for values stored on _XM tables where the only related record is the parent record. If the property is set to Clear, then the child record is not deleted. However, the value in the foreign key column is cleared. This is most appropriate for child values that might be shared with other parent records. The default value for Cascade Delete is None. With this setting, no records are deleted and the foreign key column is not cleared.

CAUTION:  Take special precautions when determining this property. If set incorrectly, it may cause data integrity issues or orphaned records.

Setting the Search Specification Property

The Search Specification is applied to the child business component. Be aware that a Search Specification can also be applied at the applet level, and any Search Specifications that exist at the applet level will be added to this Search Specification by using the query operator AND.

Setting the Sort Specification Property

This applies only to association lists.

Applying the Visibility Rule Property

This property determines whether visibility will be applied in the Link. The properties are Never, Always Child, and Drill Down.

For more information on these properties, see Siebel Object Types Reference.

This section provides guidelines for configuring user interface objects.

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 Published: 18 April 2003