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Object Definitions Not To Be Reconfigured

Though Siebel Tools is implemented as applets, views, and so on in the Siebel repository, Siebel Tools as an application should not be reconfigured in the manner of other applications such as Siebel Sales and Siebel Service. Making modifications may cause application errors, and make your configurations difficult for Siebel Technical Support personnel to understand and support.

In particular, object definitions whose names start with the word Repository, such as the applet called Repository Business Component List Applet and the view called Repository Chart Element List View, should not be customized.

NOTE:  Repository Business Components are for Siebel Systems internal use only and their customization is not supported. These business components are primarily in the Repdetd Project and the CSSBCReposObj Class.

A number of object types such as Class, String Map, Type, DLL, and Attribute are reserved. These are nonconfigurable object types, and are listed in Siebel Object Types Reference. Do not delete, modify, or add object definitions of these types.

Inactive object definitions in the repository are not supported for customer use. The repository contains some inactive object definitions, some of which are obsolete and some of which are under construction, and may be removed or implemented in a future release. Do not activate object definitions unless you are reactivating those that you have previously deactivated.

NOTE:  Tables in the data model and utility SQL scripts also may not be available for customer use, even though they are present in standard Siebel applications.

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 Published: 18 April 2003