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Using Local Databases

Although Siebel Tools lets developers operate in a client/server mode with the development database server, developers should never make configuration changes directly in the server database, for the following reasons:

To prevent these problems and promote efficient team-based development, each developer should be configured as a mobile user, with a local SQL Anywhere or MS SQL database. Initially, each developer should populate the local database with a read-only copy of all projects on the server. When developers need to modify a specific project, they can check out that project from the server database. This locks the project on the server database to prevent other developers from making changes to it, and transfers a modifiable copy of the project to the local database. The developer can then modify and unit-test the project against the local database. After the work is complete, the developer can check the project back into the server database. If a developer wants to discard the local configuration work, the developer can revert the local database copy of the project to the server version, which is kept as an archive file each time a project is checked out.

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 Published: 18 April 2003