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Reusing Standard Columns

The architecture and data model of your application has been tuned for best performance. This optimization is achieved by using proper indexes, data caching, efficient SQL generation and also by denormalizing columns on certain tables. These denormalized columns are indexed so that the application can improve the performance of complex SQL statements by using these columns for search or sort operations instead of the columns of the original table.

This is why you should not change the use of some columns, such as NAME, LOC of the S_ORG_EXT table and LAST_NAME, FST_NAME, MID_NAME of the S_CONTACT table.

CAUTION:  Do not use custom denormalized columns without the assistance of Siebel Expert Services. Denormalized columns can improve performance by allowing indexes to be placed directly on an intersection table, rather than on its parent or child table. However, if configured improperly, the data in the denormalized column can become out of sync with its source. This can result in a number of problems ranging from inconsistent sorting to corrupt data.

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 Published: 18 April 2003