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Responsibilities control view access, which determines the views available to a user. You use these responsibilities, which are accessed in an administration view, to assign one or more responsibility records to a user in a user's employee record. Views are also assigned to each responsibility in this view. The result of these two administration activities is that when a user logs on, that user's responsibilities and list of available views is determined. Only the views to which a user has access are made available to the user; all others remain hidden.

You define a responsibility for a class of users who require access to the same set of application features—for example, users who need to see the same data.

For more information on administering views and responsibilities, see Applications Administration Guide.

NOTE:  A user can have multiple responsibilities. When accessing an application, the user's responsibility is a combination of all defined responsibilities. Therefore, if View A is defined in Responsibility 1 and View B in responsibility 2, the user has access to both Views A and B.

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 Published: 18 April 2003