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Properly Formatted Property Sets

Property sets are used internally to represent Siebel eAI data. A property set is a logical memory structure that is used to pass the data between business services.

To benefit from using the XML Converter, be sure that any code you use, such as eScript or Siebel VB, correctly represents property sets within Siebel applications for the XML Converter Business Service. This includes necessary arguments and values. An example of such code is:

Set Inputs = TheApplication.NewPropertySet

REM Fill in Siebel Message Header

Inputs.SetType "SiebelMessage"

Inputs.SetProperty "MessageId", ""

Inputs.SetProperty "MessageType", "Integration Object"

Inputs.SetProperty "IntObjectName", "Sample Account"

Set svc = theApplication.GetService("EAI XML Converter")

Set XMLInputs = theApplication.NewPropertySet

Set XMLOutputs = theApplication.NewPropertySet

XMLInputs.AddChild Inputs

svc.InvokeMethod "PropSetToXML", XMLInputs, XMLOutputs

 XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V 
 Published: 23 June 2003