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Property Set Examples and Their XML Representation

The following is examples of different types of property sets that are available and their XML representation:

An Arbitrary Property Set

<?Siebel-Property-Set> <PropertySet> <Person> Jack </Person> </PropertySet>

A Siebel Message

<?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="true"><PropertySet><SiebelMessage MessageID="1-111" IntObjectFormat="Siebel Hierarchical" MessageType="Integration Object" IntObjName="Sample Account"><ListOfSample_spcAccount>...</ListOfSample_spcAccount></SiebelMessage></PropertySet>

An XML Hierarchy


Figure 2 illustrates an example property set hierarchy and the XML that would be generated for each component of the hierarchy. The XML was generated with the EscapeNames user property set to True.

Figure 2.  Property Set and XML with EscapeNames Set to True

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 XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V 
 Published: 23 June 2003