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Internal Error Codes

The errors described in Table 18 indicate a problem with the operating environment or the Siebel installation.

Table 18.  EIM Error Codes for Internal Errors (100-199 and 998, 999)
Message Text
Invalid arguments to function.
EIM detected internal inconsistencies.
Too little memory to perform operation.
The machine on which the process is running can no longer allocate memory.
Close one or more other processes while you are running EIM.
Name is not a valid identifier.
EIM detected an invalid parameter name in the configuration file.
If you have modified the configuration file, check and correct any spelling errors.
Requested entry not found.
EIM could not locate a value referenced in the configuration file.
If you have modified the configuration file, review it and make the appropriate correction.
Operating system error.
EIM detected an operating system error. For example, the operating system may deny access to a directory in which EIM is attempting to create a file.
Make sure that you are using the most current release of EIM.
Functionality not yet implemented.
The configuration file is indicating that EIM is to perform a task not currently supported.
ODBC (SQL) error.
The connected database returns an error during execution of an SQL statement. This generally indicates a configuration or resource failure on the database.
Usage warning (see detail information).
EIM detected input inconsistencies that are not fatal, but that you should know about. This error does not abort processing and is always reported with more detail.
Internal failure (no error code).
EIM detected an unexpected condition that is not covered by another error code. This error indicates a problem with EIM itself or with the Siebel applications database installation. This error is always preceded by a more specific error message (or messages) that indicates the problems leading to this result.
See Error Message 999 for further details.

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 Published: 05 January 2004